Work, play, community.
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What is Bluespace?
Bluespace is a multi-use community space located in a storefront at 18th and Guerrero Streets in San Francisco. It is a workplace, a meeting and event venue, and a place to showcase art and promote community.
What sorts of meetings and events will you be hosting?
Art exhibits; political roundtables; discussions about food, drink, design, architecture, and anything else that is entertaining and/or educational.
Where does "community" come in?
We expect Bluespace to evolve based on the interests and feedback of our community. We hope that friends, neighbors, and associates will be not only our audience but also collaborators in shaping Bluespace. Bluespace will also be promoting local artists, businesses, and community organizations.
Who is behind Bluespace?
Bluespace is organized and funded by Cliff Leonardi and Daniel M. DiPasquo. Cliff is a founder of Blue Real Estate, San Francisco's only progressive real estate brokerage. Dan is currently evaluating new business opportunities.
How do I get involved?
Please talk to us. We are open to a variety of ideas that fit with our general mission which, again, is to promote community.
How do I contact you?
Email Cliff at [email protected]; or visit Blue Real Estate for more information. You can reach Dan by email at [email protected]. Or call Bluespace at 415-431-BLUE. · 593 Guerrero St, San Francisco, CA · 415-431-BLUE